I was just wondering if any one knows the best place to get the real estate loans with the cheapest rates and a longer amortization schedule. Oh well i have come across a couple but they didn't quite give me that very thing i needed to reach my real estate goals...Until i came across the Private Real Estate Lending Group , in fact my real estate business grew so fast in weeks and has never been the same since then, its a blessing. I got loans severally form the prelgroup with a good rate of 4% and longer amortization with no credit check. Now i can reach my real estate goals and i even bought my first home last year through the prelgroup. Awesome!! I just thought to share this wonderful experience with you guys. You can visit the website prelgroup. com .. Best of luck. Albert

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Please Call or email for todays best rates!!



We provide fast, flexible access to short term capital based on the merits of the specific deal, property value, location and exit strategy. We will accommodate any scenario and have a closing ratio of 100%!

Unlike other lenders that require 30-40% down, no matter what, we can lend 60-70% LTV based on the market value not the purchase price. So, if you are purchasing a property below market value, (Probate, REO, short sale, private sale) you can make it happen with our Low Down Payment program. As low as 10% down.

You are trying to sell a property that has equity but needs to be remodeled. Home Owner might not have the cash to fix it and are unable to qualify for a credit line from a conventional lender. It might benefit your client to get a short term hard money loan in 2nd position. Yes 2nd position which means that we don't have to pay off first loan. You can then use the money to fix up the property, stage it and sell for a much higher amount. More money for the seller and higher commission for the agent.

If purchasing a property in a multiple offer situation, you will have a much greater chance of having your offer accepted with 7 to 10 day cash offer using non contingent private money loan. We can provide proof of funds and fund the loan within 7 days.

You are in escrow and only have a few days before closing date. There are pressures from all sides but the loan is delayed or didn't get approved.....No Problem! We can fund your loan within 48 hours with No Pre-Payment Penalty. This way you can close the deal and then refinance for a better rate.
You are in the middle of a construction project but the funds ran dry. You need additional funds to complete the project and put it up for sale. We can offer and 2nd construction loan to finish the project.


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