”““We requesting Private Money for Multifamily Acquisitions of up to 200 units at 60 cents/dollar and Purchase Price up to $5,000,000 .The exit strategy will be a refinance before 12-24 month at 8%-14% to repay the Private Lender. gervaisbirangui@yahoo.com””””

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Hi Gervais,

  Let me know where these properties are located and we might be able to help.  We focus on Arizona, but can do commercial loans elsewhere also,


Tyler Stone

Capstone Private Mortgage Company

I send a deal that we wanna pay CASH for at 70 cent/$1.
Gervais Birangui

PH: 313.675.4308


Hello Gervais

Do you have an executive Summary on your project? 

Please contact me!  We’re an “Asset Based” Company with a network of Private Money Lenders across the U.S. and World.  Not only that, we have 50 years of combined expert experience to help you take your deal from mediocre to fantastic, but fund your deals aslo.

Looking forward to working with you!

Lionel Ward




Would you consider an FHA loan to acquire the subject? 

Hi Gervais,
Start with going to the link below and let us know what you need.
We'll be in touch.

-Monique Rene' Coates

i just emailed you

Hello Gervais

Do you have an executive Summary on your project? 

Please contact me! 

Looking forward to working with you!

Stephen Mitchell

AMCAK Property Investments, LLC

we are a reale estate company in egypt we have a new project on the red sea in hurghada city
we are looking for partner or finanec or loan
 i will give you some info. about our project

“Zezinya Smart Village” :
Elite Residential Compound located in Hurghada, Al Ahyaa. Consists of Residential Complex (393 unit), Russian University Branch, Shopping Mall
Areas: 55 m2, 65 m2, 110 m2

Prices( including De Luxe Finishing + kitchen + air conditioner)
 from  3200 EGP ( 572 $) per m2, according to location
Down payment 20 %
Installment planup to 3 years

  - Pool complex(850 m2) with children's section
  - Elevators
  - Underground private parking and garages
  - Laundry
  - Cleaning of land and premises
  - Green plants and lawns
  - Beach (on membership card)
  - Pharmacy
  - Medical Center
  - Restaurants and Cafes
  - 24/7 Security
  - Satellite TV
  - Intercom
  - Internet WiFi
  - Maintenance
  - Overhaul and modernization every 3 years
  - Taxi services, including transportation to / from Airport

 Attractive features of the project:
  - Unusual architectural solution
  - Large windows, as a consequence of maximization of natural light
  - All necessary resources for living and recreation
  - Surrounded by the compounds and hotels 5 stars
  - Good organization & planning of  Al Ahyaa district
  - Perspective shifting of the city center to El Ahyaa

We decided to work with one of the largest consultant engineering and the implementation of contracting with the largest construction company in the Mid
and if we can talk on the phone just send me phone number

pleas look on



Good Day Mohammad,

Looking to take your int'l project to the next level?
Our investors at WCM fund most industries with a range of
alternative funding options - from start-up and debt
refinance to bridge loans, to private investors.
We use our vast knowledge and affiliates to place any particular
funding that is required, including:
  • Apartment complexes,
  • Residential developments,
  • Commercial premises,
  • Office buildings,
  • Shopping malls,
  • Golf courses,
  • Hotels / motels,
  • Green energy,
  • Alternative energy,
  • Land purchase,
  • Medical centers / pharmaceuticals.

If you'd like to submit a project, start by going to the link below.


NOTE: We are not a direct lender and only act to
introduce through our affiliated partners

Kindest Regards,

Monique Rene' Coates
Independent Comm. Consultant
MBA - Int'l Business, Rutgers Univ

My client is a family office that would be interested in your transaction.  Please email me an executive summary at bsugar@uhlaw.com or call me at 312-977-4458.

where is the property located?  which state?


Amir Halavi


Loans will be given out to any person, group of persons, companies and corporate organisation that has the genuine proof of identification and repayment at 5% interest rate on the first 5years. Interested persons should reach me on my personal email jubril_yakub95@yahoo.com


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