We specialize in helping borrowers that don't necessarily qualify for a typical bank loan.

Loan Amounts: $200,000 to $5,000,000
Property Types: Multifamily 5+ units, Mobile Home Parks, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Lt Industrial, and Self-Storage
Lending Areas: Nationwide except -- AK, ND, SD
Min. Credit Score: Generally 650 (<650 case-by-case) Index: 6-Mo. LIBOR Personal Recourse: Required Margin: 5.00% Rate Buydown: Available Rate Caps: 1.00%/1.00%/6.00% lifetime Rate Lock: Rates not locked until loan docs are drawn Floor: Initial Rate Loan Fee: 0.50%-1.50% (dependent on loan size and complexity) Prepayment: Step Down: 5,4,3,2,1 Loan Fee covers processing, underwriting and docs

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Im looking for a 2nd or LOC on 5 mobile home parks in NC...

With some more details we may be able to help with your funding needs please feel free to contact me. 

For Mobile home parks we have:

LTV up to 90% for acquisitions

  75% for refi

minimum of 10% cash injection
We can do $750k as a minimum and the go up to $5MM


O: 800.278.1239 ext. 700

C: (919) 901-0872


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