Private Fix/Flip investor seeking financing and/or funds to purchase properties located in Northeast Florida.  I completed my first project with Hard Money Loan. Now after completing my project, I prefer to seek private funds that can assist me in purchasing additional property/properties.  With my previous Hard money loan plus using my personal credit cards I found this is not the way I prefer to do in obtaining property.  Furthermore, I believe I lost out on other properties that I had interest due to lack of funds.

I am, retired residential mortgage underwriter, with previous high credit score in the mid 700's now with using credit cards in completing my last project, I am sure my score has taken a major hit, not because of being late, its because of my revolving credit utilization. I am not a LLC or Corp.  I use my own personal credit and funds, with hard money.

I am seeking a private individual or lender that provides funds to allow an individual to purchase property along with costs of Rehab/Repairs.  Seeking a possible Line of Credit upwards of $100,000.  With no income verification or asset verification, I would believe with the over use of Charge Cards to pay for rehab, my score would be in the mid to low 600's thats how bad it falls with over use of cards. 

Please forward in any information, and guidelines that would qualify. Please no Short form Matrix that you provide lenders. I am requesting honest and direct information so if I can gather information that you require, and move forward. Currently looking at 2 FNMA homes, and of course if I can state cash purchase, over finance purchase, then it will make my offer a little stronger.  

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Thank you -- Bill

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Hi Bill,

My email is

I will email you today.



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