GMA Factor encourages those assisting investors in finding funding for real estate projects to consider Private Lenders over traditional bank loans. The financial specialists at GMA Factor know that while Hard Money Loans may include higher initial costs, the ease and flexibility in obtaining private capital while avoiding traditional bank’s rigid lending practices, extended closing timeframes and scrutinizing underwriting standards is priceless. Especially when “the deal” you or your client are excited about has a small window of opportunity to close. We at GMA Factor have an expert staff just waiting to fund your commercial real estate deal!!

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we are looking for a money partner. we do complete rehabs on distressed properties making them available for sale or as rental income properties to be included in the portfolios of other investors or if we are given the right situation we can hold these properties to produce long term income. Kindly let me know your lending terms. we would rather pay a higher return on your money than any upfront fees. thank you much.

Hasan Abdullah


GMA Factor lends up to 65% ARV, from $100K to $3MM. We specialize in Single Family, Multi-Family and Commercial property deals. We are very interested to here about your project. Provide the requested information and we can get started. Email me at, or contact our Financial Specialist, Ezra, at 347-897-9174. 

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