I am purchasing a 31 unit multifamily and looking for 250k in private money, will discuss terms  

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Private funding available for Multifamily units $250k - $500m in USA & Canada,  Principals only, no Brokers.  I don't shop your deals.  I am direct to the private investors.  The investors don't fund start-up/seed capital.  A proper due-diligence will be conducted on the project. (Non-Recourse Loan, Loans for Incoming Producing Property etc.) email barbrealtyconsultant@yahoo.com

Hi Barbara

I am a principal and it is not a start up, it is established and 100% occupied with current owner having life change wanting to get back home.
Please reply to fisherfinancial@ymail.com we can make arrangements to talk.

























































































































































































































































































































































hi Alex,

The properties are 100% occupied and the current owner has done extensive rehab, he and his wife have had a life change so they are moving from Texas back home to be with family. 31 units and I have 50% of the money in place and need $250k, will talk terms and more information. Contact me on fisherfinancial@ymail.com and we can exchange numbers to speak with each other

Sure Russell,

Hard Money Mike 443-838-9563

up to 80% Investment, 65% cashout. 80% Commercial

South FT. Myers FL. Since 1971. fishermike50@gmail

all 50 states. JUST LIVING THE DREAM!

Hi Don,

I will call tomorrow on Monday to discuss the deal.

Thank you

Dear Customer,
   Welcome to SPRINGLEAF FINANCIAL SERVICES. DO YOU NEED A LOAN?,SPRINGLEAF FINANCIAL SERVICES Offers Business Loans, Educational Loans,Personal Loans, Retired Loans, Debt Consolidation Loans, Auto Loans and Mortgage Loans. Loans From minimum of $8,000USD to maximum of $50,000,000.00USD with 5% interest rate offer, over 1 to 40 years duration.  
                     LOAN APPLICATION FORM TO FILL:
Contact us Via E-mail: alexanderstewart309@gmail.com
Kindly Regards,
Alexander Stewart
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Hi Russell,

We work with many different Private lenders that provide a full range of financing options:

*Commercial and Multifamily financing

*Commercial loans, bridge, hard money and conventional

*Transactional Funding

*1-4 Units Investment Properties only

*Business loans, equipment leasing and factoring

*Business lines of credit 1 to 5 million

-REO lines of credit 12-13.50%

-Term 12 months

-50-80% LTV

*Equity Partners

*Multifamily/Income Producing head hunting (If you have or know of an off market income producing property we have ready cash buyers)


1. Loans can fund in as little as 7-10 business days


2. A-D credit accepted


3. We can finance Canadian applicants with the following conditions:

- U S company

- LLC operating papers or arcticles of incorporation

- 2 years tax returns

- 3 months banks statement business/personal to date showing balance

- signed application


4. We can also finance international borrowers same conditions as above


Let me know what type of financing you are looking for, so we can get your application started? We do charge a $500 application/processing fee


Attached: Fee agreement, list of loan documents required




Angela Burton

AB Processing, a division of AB Real Estate Investment, LLC


Fax. 412-253-0625







 work directly with a lender and we offer the following funding programs:

$100% financing/bond funding.  This funding is 100% financing, but, the principal must be able to be able to pay for the underwriting, due diligence and appraisal fees.  We charge NO UPFRONT FEES to review a transaction.  After reviewing the transaction, we submit it to underwriting and we do a conference call.  We do some "Q & A" with the client and at the end, the client decides if they want to go forward.  They don't pay any fees until they decide And, we even give out references after the conference call.  Yes, you can call our clients and get feedback. 

Recourse Funding.  Commercial and residential loans from $25,000 up to $500,000.  This is an asset based, no-credit score and no personal guarantee loan.  We offer bank rates from 4% to 5.5%.  70% LTV based on the ARV (after repair value) of the property.  For buy/sell, it's 12-18 month interest only and for buy/sell, we can do a 5 to 10 year term based on a 20 to 30 year amortization.  

Non-Recourse Funding.  For our non-recourse lending for loans of 70% to 80% LTV based on the ARV.  So, for example:  you have a client that needs a loan for $3 million and the property is worth $5 million (refinance scenario).  Here, there is no personal guarantee and it is asset based.  The client MUST be able to show reserves and prove he can service the debt.

Should you have any other questions either e-mail me at eliteconsulting799@gmail.com or call me direct at 551-208-7661.

Thank you.

Paula Steele


Good morning. My name is Felix and I am a Finance Specialist. We can help you.
Call my partner Courtney Lawrence and she will talk to you about the kinds of funds we provide. Also go to our website. For any questions please to hesitate to reach us.
Courtney Lawrence:
Phone:  (949) 777-5509 | Fax:   (949) 309-2731

I not only represent a fund, the owner of the fund is a personal friend that has allow me to market and underwrite their program; first this is not a line of credit or an joint venture with a 50/50 split. This nationwide program is a swift solution (3-5 day to fund) for real estate investors with no advance fees to worry about. Thank you, I welcome working with you.


    Lending for Real Estate Investors Nationwide (Short Sales, REOs, Auctions)


  • 100% of the Purchase base on a 60% ARV
  • Property Types: 1-4 family, wholesale purchases, short sales, REO, Multifamily, Mixed Used
  • Terms: 12 Months Interest Only with No Pre-Pay Penalties
  • Fico 650, experience will always trump your fico or your financials
  • Rate 10% to 13%, no monthly payments
  • No tax returns or Bank Statements requirements
  • Points 2-3, points that can be rolled inside the loan
  • Loan amounts: $50,000 to $5M
  • The loan can be refinance or flipped: No Pre-Pay Penalties
  • 24 hours for an email quote
  • Contract issue the same or next day
  • Funding: within 3-5 days


Resume, 1003, Breakdown of the rehab, recent appraisal or BPO or comps






Have a Powerful Day

George R. Mallory,

VP of Finance, Underwriter

Mobile: 917-653-5215

Fax: 917-591-4601

Email: russellmallory178@gmail.com

TAMCO Capital can provide funding your commercial deals between $75,000 to $350,000. Small apartment buildings, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Warehouse, Hotel/Motel, Recreation, Daycare, Hair Salon, Auto Body, Funeral Home, Church, Self Storage, Convenience and more. Close in 2-3 weeks. Credit scores from 475.  60% LTV. No Seasoning or Penalty for Early Payoff.
Contact: rbeverly@tamcocapital.com

Larger deals from $2MM to $25MM considered case-by-case by our senior analysts.

In what state do you need funding?


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