Private Equity Fund capable of providing 95% financing Commercial Financing, Alternative energy and Construction Projects, Hospitality, as well as Technology projects

We are the exclusive agent and underwriter for a Private Equity Fund capable of providing 95% financing Commercial real estate, Oil, Gas, Mining, Alternative energy and Construction Projects, Hospitality,  as well as Technology projects.

Funding is provided if the project is viable, makes economic sense, and contains an explicit exit strategy with the ability to retire the Debt.
The fund requires a 5% capital contribution to the project in liquid unencumbered and verifiable funds. The funds cannot be Borrowed or from third parties unless they are a principal in the project with a 10% stake or greater.
Terms of the loan are as follows;
Interest Only at 8% per tranche and on the accumulated funds drawn down. Loan can be for a period of 12 to 24 months being the period to get the project built and stabilized. Thereafter, the loan converts to permanent financing at 5.5% per Annum with principal and interest fully amortized for 10 years. The loan is non recourse with no personal guarantees required. The project serves as collateral for the loan.
Payment of the first tranche generally occurs 45-60 days following closing and future tranches in accordance with a pre-approved disbursement schedule customized to
The needs of the borrower, who is required to provide a detailed Use of Funds.  Minimum Loan amount domestically is $5,000,000 and internationally $10,000,000. There is no maximum loan amount as funds are unlimited.
Email me your ex summary plan and details to:

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hi can u fund in the Czech republic?? commercial real estate ?


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