My company provides private capital funding for construction development, equity financing, and refinance of businesses, hotels, resorts, residential and commercial construction.  Right now retirement communities are a strong point at any funding level needed.  Affordable apartment developments are being done at 100% LTV.  Underwriting requires strong financials, experience, and depending on project 0%-20% skin in the game.  We have the ability to fund projects from $1M – 600M and up through our resources.

Here are some general guidelines: 

Hotel Construction, Must be a Major Flag Operator, Feasibility Study & MAI Appraisal required (completed within 6 to 12 months),  Hotel Experience required or management by a seasoned operator 

Condo Construction, Must have 50% pre-sales (qualified) to be considered. Majority of buyers must have ability to close. Sales must be relatively recent. 

Retail Construction, Must have minimum 60% pre-leases to be considered. At least 5 year leases with creditworthy tenants are recommended. *Type of tenants may change this requirement. Example: Government long term tenant. 

Apartment, Retirement Community, Medical Center Construction, Construction Terms: 
Expect rates in the 7 to 8% range, 36 month Interest only, LTC 70% to 90%,Minimum Loan Amount  $3 Million.

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I have 20 plus new construction jobs all Multi-use Construction all backed by Equity with a Network of Advanced construction system groups. The business book is 250 million in loan amounts. The average job is 12 million loan amounts. 

Proven sponsors. Senior Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled nurse care, Student Housing, Market Rate Apts. All locations in US. 

We are looking for JV equity, Preferred Equity , Hard money and Senior Debt.  

Grant Smereczynsky 
770-888-2761 or 770-231-4462

Hi Grant,

Thanks for your reply.  We work with private groups (hedge funds & investment groups) that provide us with all the financing options that you mentioned for new construction projects. 

We have partnerships in place that underwrite your project BEFORE sending it to our Partner Lenders.  We DO NOT shotgun your deal to multiple different groups “hoping that it sticks”. We actually spend time PACKAGING your deal for success with our Lenders; we know what they are looking for, and will make your project as attractive as possible!  

Also,we DO Not obtain meaningless LOI’s just to show a level of progress. LOI's are issued when there is funding in place.

I will be sending an email to you shortly.


I'd like to send you a 1 page Executive Summary so you can tell me what you can do for me. In reply I'll want to know all the costs of your proposal for funding, including ANY payments required of me before draw down, estimated interest rates, etc.I do NOT want you to send me application forms (don't ever send me "No Name" forms) until we have discussed the funding. I'll expect to know who you are, and where you are, and how I contact you; I can't do business with a phantom!  And I'll expect that all information you give me is verifiable. If you are willing to work this way, please respond to

I receive many requests for more information regarding how we work.   In order for you to understand how we work, we have to see a presentation package of your project.  Without this, we are in the dark about what the project is, where the project is, how much the borrower needs, who is trying to borrow the funds, is the company capable of repaying the loan, what type of loan we would suggest for the project, etc., etc., etc.  
Our process is non negotiable.   I sent you a document explaining  what our process is.  I welcome you to Google my name, my company's name,  my website, and my LinkedIn profile.  
Interest rates and other loan specifics are not provided without a lenders approval of a project.
We require a NCND signed and executed.  
If after viewing the information provided, feel free to contact me with any questions.   
If you have further demands, please do not contact me again.  We are open to a healthy exchange of  ideas/comments but are not interested in demanding clients.  My company, my business partners, my underwriter, and my lenders strive to provide honest, personalized, detailed services to every client, making their experience with Moshe & Associates Funding Group positive.


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