Principal only Loans backed by Major Insurance company

The loan is Stated Income, Stated assets, No income verification and no credit, no, prepay penalty. Commercial or residential or construction, 100% financing

The loan is guaranteed by an insurance policy and it's a Principal Only Loan. Minimum loan amount is 100,000 

No Prepayment penalty

Call today 314-323-2315loan_app_approved.jpg

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Is this the place that's supposed to be located in San Francisco that charges min $10K upfront? Have you personally closed any loans with them?

Hi Shawn

I am interested in 100% financing backed by major insurance co. Please send me details at or call me at 714 846 1301.


Could I get more information on this please.

Email me @


Send information to

Please forward additional information to

please send more information to Thank you.

The old caveat always applies if it is too good to be true then it probably is. I saw a similar deal to this maybe it is the same one where the insurance company is Safe Care out of San Francisco. I personally did research into this company which is supposedly registered and regulated by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority. I inquired with CIMA to only find out that the insurance company is NOT regulated or insured by them and that they had issued a bulletin to this affect. What this means is that Safe Care can not lawfully issue any insurance policies.

Please be careful with any schemes of this nature and do your due diligence. If you can't use your own closing company that is also a red flag. These types of schemes often have multiple parties that all work together in collusion.

Once I am contacted by them and they send their "Loan App", I inform them that I have forwarded everything to my lawyer, which i do, and funny this is, you never hear from them again.


I have three properties that sellers have free and clear of mortgages or leans. One is a office condo with 5 offices inside offered at 150k along with a mixed-use building with four apartments and a store front convenience store.  The store is doing 2k month and the apartments are empty but move in ready.  There is also a 210 room hotel that I emailed you on a while back it is offered at 4.5m. The hotel is a separate owner then the other two properties.  The hotel is under preforming and we have a management company that can step in and turn the hotel around.  We are also seeking to qualify the apartments with hud, we are also lining up a possible buyer for the office condo with a seller financing arrangement.  Can you help us with this deal funding?

Thank you


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