Private funding for all types of commercial real estate within USA and International. Our loans are from $250K to $500M.

100% Joint Venture Equity Financing; Funding for Low Income Housing; Large-Scale Debt Financing; Small Balance Financing; DIP Financing; Apartment Equity Participation; Non-Recourse Loans for Multi-Family & Assisted Living; Commercial Bridge/Hard money; Mezzanine Programs; Loans For Incoming Producing Property; Commercial Land Development Loans and Stock Loans. Contact me at 347-551-1067 or

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What interest rates do you currently apply to foreign borrowers?

What basis do you estimate closing costs on?

Do you charge any upfront fees?

(Assuming a borrower best satisfies every one of your criteria and requirements. I understand evth is case specific,

involving due-diligence, down-payment, collateral, term etc. etc, but please refer to a common scenario).


If you would like more info Please visit us at

what is pirate funding?

Now you know it was a type O , Thanks for the heads up "NICE"

I sort of liked pirate funding. kinda fit some of the people i have worked with in the past.

Please don't think of me that, but i know what you mean.

would like info on your 100% jv funding, we have a principal guarantee program that would guarantee your loan payback.  Please send me info on your jv program to

after reading your connected to Kingdom Builders, I deleted my request

why does everybody stay clear of kingdom builders and why are they all over the net??? Anyone who has dealt with them?

When a company is doing good and growning there is always someone trying to discredit them. What new just another day in the business.


Can you send specifics on your loan programs for low income housing, non-recourse loans for multi-family, loans for income producing property and stock loans?  Please send to

Thank you,

Wanda Meekins

I'm looking for to be partner with a bank which can do a Joint Portfolio Loan to Buy and Resell Properties on a continuing basis all over the United States. If you you can set up this for My business only and not in My personal name then we can work together. This also has to be a Non-Recourse as well.
My Info can be sent via Attachments.



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