Private funding for all types of commercial real estate within USA and International. Our loans are from $250K to $500M.

100% Joint Venture Equity Financing; Funding for Low Income Housing; Large-Scale Debt Financing; Small Balance Financing; DIP Financing; Apartment Equity Participation; Non-Recourse Loans for Multi-Family & Assisted Living; Commercial Bridge/Hard money; Mezzanine Programs; Loans For Incoming Producing Property; Commercial Land Development Loans and Stock Loans. Contact me at 347-551-1067 or

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Hi Greg,

I've just sent you an email to the email address above. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Wanted jv partnership ...need 3-4 million that will support purchase of mobile homes in park...up to 300..

More details upon your reply :


Need a JV on a gold and copper mining operation on 20,000 acres (own the mineral rights)

john.thebottomline@gmail .com

This maybe something that can help you with, contact me 347-551-1067

Gregory Wade


Skype grwade3

Dear Gregory Wade.

My clients need funds for lucrative & viable real estate projects & Bollywood film projects in Mumbai-India.

Please send me details of your funding criteria to-

Hi, I am a businessman engaged in Gold, Diamonds, Commodities, Jewelry business. I am surveying in Africa since 2006 and found lucrative opportunity for Gold and Diamonds mining business. I also have distress sale in property in India which is very much cheaper at present cost. Please advise me how you can help for these projects. Tkt size in inlimited

This maybe something that can help you with, contact me 347-551-1067

Gregory Wade


Skype grwade3

hi, we need funds for our project of real estate in india plz revert on

Hello, could you be interested to work with us as your local representative for funding RE projects like sustainable residential complexes, low energy consuming and/or passive buildings, distressed properties, etc. in Bulgaria, Kosovo and other Balkan countries, and in the Switzerland?

Please, advise.

Best regards,


We are seeking investors or partners for the Mexico City. Great return of investment for buying and selling Real Estate is the most effective, safest and profitable business with no risk.

Atty. Gabriel Miralrío González

We offer the following;
Hard Money Loans
Business Loan.
Debt Consolidation Loan.
Personal Loan.
Business Expansion Loan.
Investments on projects And Lots more..........

Search no further and apply for a loan
Name:............. Contact Address:........ Phone:................. Country:................ Loan:......... Purpose Of Loan........... Loan Duration:............ Sex:....................... Age.................

We are here to be of service to you.
contact us now at

How to apply for 100% joint venture equity financing> I am here in the Philippines?


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