I am looking for a personal loan for debt consolidation. Credit is not great. I would be willing to buy an insurance policy to protect the loan. No up front fees, please.

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I read your loan proposal with the above subject, I would like to prove to you why we are different from other lenders but you did not leave your phone number so as to discuss your scenario over the phone. Because we are among America's trusted and registered lenders and having been in business for 30 years we do not only offer NO-UPFRONT FEE LOANS, I would also try to expose you to better loan options and packages that would perfectly suit your financial needs and this is the secret every other lender would not reveal, I do not Charge any Upfront Fees or junk fees before funding and I can assure you that Money is something that I enjoy earning, but the key is "earning" and not "taking".
I would advise you thoroughly read the below websites for better understanding about all of our services and there after you can send me an email for instant answers to your questions.
'We are the detail people, 'America's reliable hard money lenders',
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Application for a loan would be sent to you upon your request.
Thank you for choosing MeriStem-Lending
Connie Miles (Direct loan officer)
Email: connie@meristem-lending.com
Call: 646-457-4286
Fax: 646-453-6438

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Do you know you can get a loan in a very secured way without you loosing money upfront from scam artist?

I am a lender and I work for a cooperate company in illinois usa it's know as IDEALEASE FINANCE COMPANY....

If you will really want to know more the  get back to me asap okay...

Please email me information to wcb8692@hotmail.com

Hello Sir

Good day, how are you doing today?

Am Tom Johnson, from JOHNSON LLC and I'd love to inform you that I can offer you loan on the said amount you're seeking for wit a little interest rate.

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact ,me on my mail contacttomlj@gmail.com

Looking forward to reading from you sooner


"Am a private lender, giving out loans at 5% interest rate, and i can fund within 5 working days, i currently have funds available to lend, if you want to do business, get back to me for more information Cell: 3072753499 Thanks Christa Putt Access…"

Hello ,

Lot of borrower are beginning to get tired of fake lenders and when they finally meet a real lender, is hard for them to know due to past experience.

we are letting all borrowers and real estate agent who are in need of extra financial support in completing deals to feel free to contact via details below

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What's your current score?



I think it is 592. Please email me at wcb8692@eaglefinancialsolutions.net



My Name Is Clarkson Charles, I’m A Private Money Lender  Located In Medford,OR Area , I Offer All Kinds Of Loans Including Secured And Unsecured Loans From $10,000 To $800,000,000 At 5% Interest Rate With No Repayment Penalty,Contact Me Directly Mailto:(  Clarksoncharlesllc@Gmail.Com  ) I Shall Send You My Loan Terms And Condition.

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I can help you with the loan if you can work with my loan terms and conditions.



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