I have 2 gold mines worth tens of billions of dollars (52) Looking for a real investor who want to make more money than he can on a hard money loan  I need 35 million to open them up one is fully permitted and other is just need 2-4 months to get the permits

I will take on a PARTNER not a lender who wants to make real money. He will get 40% of the income for life and I will pay you (the broker)a monthly fee for life of mine if you can help. This could be hundreds of millions to partner each year.

Please no games and tire kicker this is very real

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Hello John

Do you/your clients have a recent copy of a 43-101?

Both mines have 43-101

Good Day Mr.Murray ...... I think I may be able to get you in the right direction for a JV Partnership. I have reached out to 2 sources and awaiting a reply for their interest in a JV. Once I get the feedback, I will introduce you to the Principal.

My contact info is below:

Gary Whitehead




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