I am looking for a partner or a funder for some real estate projects.  I am in Portland Oregon.  One project is 80 units near a college and it is going for 2.5M.  The other is 13 units and going for 950K.  I have a lender that will do a 70% funding.  Currently I do not have the funds to get this started.

Thank you


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80% LTV and Full Rehab Included in Loan
Min Loan Amount 100k 
10% Interest , 9 Month Term ( new loan product available)
Email ag29577@gmail.com (877)570-5594
Great for Rehabbers with Collateral or Down Payment Money

This is a great project. If you are still in need of a lender consider us. We are the direct lender and provide 100% LTC true debt, no equity or JV, 4.5% deferred interest during renovation, perm financing offered at 6.1% fixed (no cost to you), true asset based loan, non recourse, no prepay penalty. Licensed and bonded lender, and we are a sponsored lender of the NAHB. I can send you more information if you are interested. Email me at bernardw@northstarfs.com.



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