We are looking for either 1-20 investors at low cost and will give back 3 times their investment in 12 months or less...we are going to expand as growing fruits, vegetables and herbs are our thing in life..
Seeking $ 10,000 to $15,000 for an organic business..customers are in place...location is secured...equipment purchase required and have contacted a local provider of the equipment for a discount....or will buy locally on craiglist...low cost investment...large return...this is well thought out and all bases are covered...project will be insured...at one point we were seeking only 5K...however, since we all know that lack of capital in the first year is main cause for a business to fail..all money not used for equipment and lease payment will be placed in a FDIC approved bank...
We have an arrangement with a Medical Dispensary which has agreed to purchase our product.    At the moment, our customer base is large enough to handle well beyond our current capacity to produce.  
Looking for an individual to aide us with our initial setup costs.
Equipment purchase for an estimated cost of $5,000 which will include but is not limited to the following; additional ballasts, lights, fans, hosing, pots, soil, and organic additives.
We are willing to give you a 25% split or for your investment which comes out to a return of 3 times your original investment.
Company Goals
Phase 1: To provide the most reliable source of Medical Marijuana in Colorado. Franchise our proven methods and business model nationwide.  Produce the highest quality possibly by utilizing proven methods of cultivation in organic growing conditions.  Produce a consistent supply of various varieties of medicinal marijuana.
Phase 2: Become a publicly traded company.  At that time, our edible division will commence producing quality consumable items that will be laboratory tested to provide accurate dosages in various edible forms.  
Phase 3: In this phase we will purchase a large plot of land and commercial building.  On this acreage we will also create a large organic garden and farm for producing vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  This will be used to create the industries finest cannabis cuisine.   
The Risk
There is no risk of your money.  The reason is simple, we are going to be growing legally.  We will be purchasing pre-owned equipment that will also be fully insured.  If the business does not succeed despite our best efforts, we sell all equipment on Craigslist. 
So in the unlikely event that this business would fail, we would still have adequate funds to return your money plus 10% interest. 
All contractual agreements will be handled by an attorney.
Keep in mind, this is the worst scenario... It is far more likely that this will be a hugely successful company in a short period of time.  We will be offering products that are unique in this industry, and there is no doubt that this is an industry that will continue to grow exponentially..just as it has since it began. 
Your Return
After 3 months you will receive your first payment which will be equal to one third (1/3) of what you invested, the fifth month  you will receive another check for one third (1/3) of your investment, this will continue until the twelfth month at which time you will have tripled your money.  Or after your investment has been with us for over six (6) months you may opt out and receive two (2) times your investment.  Now to restate and has been noted above you will be able to participate in the publicly traded company once it starts to fund.
Your Benefits
It is a humanitarian effort.  You will own 25% of the shares for the publicly traded company based upon your initial investment and the ability to invest more during IPO phase. 
About Us/Skills
Extensive knowledge and experience in organic heirloom agriculture.
Hard working individuals from the mid-west with a mid-western work ethic.
We are creatures of the jungle, we lived in the jungle for a combined time of 9 years survived tropical down pours, insects and everything else Mother Nature can dole out, all whilst living a very primitive life style. We were “off the grid”. We survived this grueling environment, “the test of time” and are better citizens of the planet for it.  We lived and breathed the show “Survivor”...and while they only do it for 30 days..we survived 9 years. 
It is our time, patience, dedication to success, and love going into this business.    
Between us we have the combined experience of 50+ years in organic farming and gardening...We know our herbs!
This is a thoroughly thought out plan and we are confident this business will follow the trend of many other such businesses in this industry that have recently opened in other parts of Colorado. 
Yes To Peace  

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Sent you a friend request...please respond...also, sent you a deal for funding down in Mexico earlier today..coincidence  :)  

Will elaborate in detail with an email...

Chad. I have sent you 3 different emails...obviously, I am serious the question is now are you serious and are you trustworthy...so many joker brokers out here...are you one of them ???

So much for your 24 hour decision process...since it has been 5 days and counting...

Also, sent you 2 other deals that SUPPOSEDLY fall into your wheelhouse...


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