Off Market Residential and Commercial Mortgage Notes Nationwide Needed

We have 3 of our major Cash Buyers of Residential and Commercial Mortgage Notes nationwide looking to buy immediately from direct reputable sellers that have current inventory and can supply now and into the New Year,we are seeking the following inventory:

Buyer 1) Min portfolio size of $5MM,this would be the appraised property value amount,and this large buyer is purchasing 1st position NPNs nationwide,they are looking to buy pools of inventory and the property values MUST be $100K or higher,no exceptions. The buyer prefers Owner Occupied 1st position notes only. This buyer will also buy Commercial 1st position NPNs nationwide with property values of at least $500K,NO WAREHOUSES,1st position only.

Buyer 2)NPN Commercial Notes,any State,$4MM Minimum and No Maximum,this buyer will also buy Residential NPNs any State,Minimum asset value of $80K on the residential.

Buyer 3) Is seeking off market California Residential NPNs that are 1st position only

If you are a direct seller or sellers rep only and have immediate off market quality product,then contact me with what you have,these buyers can move quickly.You can reach me at:

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