I'm looking for a lender on 9 condo units inside an 81 unit building outside of New York City. The units are tenant occupied and the loan amount of 900k is about 40 LTV. Message me if you can help. 

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Hi Tim:

I believe I can help you. My name is Jeff Jones and I am a commercial mortgage broker with great relationships with lenders for these type of deals. I have been doing this for 30 years and financed over $1 billion in CRE deals.

Are these condo's Fannie Mae warrantable condo's? That is a critical question for one. Assuming the answer is yes, I should be able to get you acquisition financing on a long term basis at a fixed rate and possibly non-recourse to you. Please send me the details at jsjones@squarelakecapital.com. Thanks. My phone number is 248-672-9323.


We may be able to assist. We are a private lender for both hard money and 1 to 4 unit investment properties. Feel free to connect at chad@pimlicogroup.com. Also check us out at pimlicogroup.com. Feel free to contact me at 804-357-8633

Hello Tim O'Shea, I'd like to have a discussion with you on tomaswood@mail.com

Yes I can help you with funding, send details to habrad59@gmail.com

I'll share more details with you, okay

Hello Tim,

Please email me at fundingyounow@gmail.com if you still need funding.

Thanks in advance,

Gabriel I Trujillo

GIT Home Solutions,LLC


Have you gotten the loan you need? if not 

I am a commercial lender and i also do all type of loans.



Doyle Terry Dwayne

(@) Lenderlive Network 

Hi Tim, I can help you with this. Velocity Mortgage Capital is a non-qm private money lender for Investor 1-4, condos, multi-family and commercial properties. I sent you a message but please feel free to email me at drice@veloctiymortgage.com.

@Wright_Finance #privatelender text call +1 (540) 617-2001 or mail me #quickcashunlimited@outlook.com


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