*** NPN on beautiful properties at starting at 21% LTV

i have a tremendous amount of Performing and NPN both Residential OO and Commercial OO in various cities and states that are cash flowing and priced for a quick sale -  on a side note - majority of these properties are in excellent condition , attached some pictures to give you an idea.
I AM THE CONTRACT HOLDER so contact me for more information  - financing avail .
Jerry Starr
Insource Funding

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Scammer..21% you are not the contractor holder

This is a scam..never do business with Jerry

That's funny, I do hold the contract ... want to see it , put down a deposit and you can tour the house and do what ever you like... we actually have our own fund and do property dillengence and check credit and fund loans , your ad is a joke - no credit !!!! There isn't a lender on this planet that offers that, and I would put up $25,000 if you show me one that adher to your terms....
I'm part of a nationwide coalition to vet lenders and brokers that are scamming people to rid them from the system, if your posting something on this site make sure it's correct. If your "brokering loans " make sure your not miss representing your lenders or whomever you work with , lenders like my self ask for things such as credit to determine risk, not that it's a factor because we're asset based, but we want to make sure he doesn't have foreclosures and banctrupcy. .. you posted that the borrower doesn't need credit, great - I want to close my fund and send you all our files.


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