I am transitioning from an REI group to consulting for RE mavericks. Through a new source in my consulting network I am accepting 5 new clients who meet the following criteria:

Experienced in REI phases
Formal business entity for more than one year
In control of the project/property they wish to improve/purchase
Have up to 90 days to repay gap or private funding currently on the project/property or its asset(s)

- Acquisition, renovation or rehab project has a summary or outline including the company/principals of deal, bio/resume of project lead(s), location, asset description, photos, appraisal/CMA/BPO if applicable, along with project scope and sequence
- Property(ies) ARV must exceed $5M for this special program.
- Must be able to escrow up to 7% of project total for funding service expenses (contact for bank verification, bank-to-bank or attorney-to-attorney required). For example, if you need $5M in funding, you will need up to 7% (350,000) to begin this program, which is secured for the duration of the funding process. There are currently no caps, but typical funding of this nature begins at $50MM or greater.
- Must also provide a cash flow needs summary, including when you need draw(s) and at what amounts.

I will work with you to finalize and submit your project for approval. Once approved, your escrow will be requested and the funding process will begin. If debt service is something you wish to make a part of your company's past then call me to take advantage of this program this summer. More details available at, Subject: Non-Recourse Funding. *I am not a financial services broker or attorney. My job is to facilitate those who handle the program with those who need funding. I operate as a 3rd party conduit for a fee which is paid only after funding is provided.

If you are a capable entrepreneur who wishes to get to the next level you are insane not to call me. I am real. I speak and communicate in American English and can meet you face to face if necessary to prove my business is viable and legitimate. Due to my vocation I only have time for the most serious groups as this program will not be available when the designated funding runs out. Thank you for your time.

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