Non-Recourse Financing for these type of projects: New construction for hospitals minimum loan amount $5MM. Assisted Living or Senior Living and Apartments complexes, minimum loan amount $2MM rates as low as 3.5%.  Amortization for hospitals are 40yrs and for Assisted Living or Senior Living and Apartment complexes is 35 Yrs, no balloon payment and has a prepay of 5,4,3,2,1.  To get started I'll need an Executive Summary or Business plan.  If the project moves forward then the lender will provide all other parameters. 

You may send any questions, Executive summaries or Business plans to

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    Sandra, what about hotel projects with a guaranteed 90%+ occupancy rate year round. This also comes with a 2nd year cash out and payoff of total loan with interest. This is a merit based loan request, the numbers back this up. So this will be a no collateral loan request. If interested let me know and I'll follow up with the executive summary. You can contact me directly at Thank you.

Hello Chuck...and Happy New Year,

As you can see that the discussion that you are referring to is a very old
post.  It was back in 2012; however, I do have several lenders that would
be interested in your hotel projects.   Please send me your business plan
for immediate review.

PS.  I tried to send this message to the email address you provided but it was returned.

Best regards,

 Sandra Brown

*Smith and Brown Consulting Firm*

* a href="">>*

      Thanks Sandra, I guess I didn't even look at the post date, sorry. I guess it would have helped if I spelled my email address correct. It's Just so you know these are not my projects, I am an intermediary. So please just respond when you get the chance so we can get hooked up here and discuss options. Thanks



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