Your Jumbo Non-Prime funding figures will soar above the rest with Athas Capital’s Jumbo Loan Products

Loan Amounts up to $10,000,000


Full Doc, Bank Statements or Asset Depletion

Up to $3M with 650 FICO, with exceptions up to $7M

Up to $1M with 500 FICO

Up to $1M for Foreign Nationals

No Reserve requirements!

No Seasoning required from date of short sale!

Foreclosure and BK with 1 year seasoning from date of event!

Residential lending is the focus!


100% No Income Verified or Stated!!!

Up to 2 point rebate available (long-term product only)

Up to $2M with 600 FICO (30 yr fully-am product)

Up to $10M with No Minimum FICO (bridge product)

Up to $10M for Foreign Nationals

No Reserve requirements!

Residential & select income-producing Commercial properties acceptable – SFR, Condo, 2-4 units, 5+ unit MF, Mixed-Use, Office, and Retail

Raymond Gentles : Office: 973-757-5055

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