Property  Types: Multifamily  5+  units  (NJ  -­‐  <7  units  must  be  NOO),  Mobile  Home  Parks,  Mixed  Use,  Office,  Retail,  Lt  Industrial,  Self-­‐Storage

Nationwide  top  120  MSAs  except  -­‐  AK,  ND,  SD

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What is the lending criteria?

Program Guidelines

Property Types Multifamily, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Light Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, Self Storage, SFR Pools
Lending Area Nationwide (except Alaska, North Dakota and South Dakota)
Loan Amounts $200,000 – $5,000,000
Loan Term 30 Years
Amortization 30 Years
Minimum DSCR 1.20
Maximum LTV Up to 75%
Fixed Rates 6.00% – 9.00%, then float
Better Credit Score Rate Discount Available
Better Market Area Rate Discount Available
Index 6 month LIBOR (after fixed period)
Margin 4.00% (after fixed period)
Rate Caps 1.00% initial, 1.00% per 6 months, 6.00% lifetime
Floor Initial Rate
Occupancy Investor and Owner-Occupied 
Minimum Credit Score Generally 650 (lower case-by-case, hard floor 500)
Personal Recourse Required for 25% or greater ownership
Loan Cost 0.5% – 1.5% (Covers processing, underwriting and docs)
Rate Buydown Available


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