We Specializing in Real Estate Loans for Rent-and-Hold & Fix-and-Flip Investors:

Whether you are buying a property or want to take cash out of an existing property, One Financial Service is here with loan products designed exclusively for landlords. With rates as low as 5.99% and LTVs up to 75%, our real estate financing allows the modern investor to prosper. Check out our various loan products and associated rates/guidelines below.

The Rental360:

Our Rental360 loan has rates as low as 5.99% and allows for LTVs up to 75%. It's perfect for rent-and-hold investors looking to build a strong rental portfolio.


A loan designed for the unique needs of short-term-rental investors, the STR Pro combines the best in long-term real estate financing with your most important short-term rental goals.

The WealthBuilder:

If you have a rental property $250K and up, the WealthBuilder is a the perfect loan for higher-priced properties. Rates start at 7.4%.

30 Due-in-3:

This no-doc 30-year loan option is allows for loan amounts as low as $25K with no income verification, debt-to-income verification and a quick close.

10 Due-in-3:

For the ultimate in flexbility, check out our 10 Due-in-3 no doc loan. Ready for use as a flip or rental, this loan is great for investors who are looking for options with their property.

We lend primarily on the property with little underwriting on the borrower, which means the only way our process could be simpler is if we found the property for you. Whether you choose one of our no-doc loan options, or our Rental360 low-doc landlord loan, we're fast, simple and dependable, and unlike other lenders we close in weeks, not months.

We are fast. Our process is simple and you can count on us.

Must close in an entity (LLC, partnership, corporation or non-profit).

Rodney Simmons
One Financial Services
Direct: 646-353-6262
Email: rsimmons@onefinancialservice.co

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