Please no broker, they are all wasting our time and clients money...he will not put out anymore...we need funding asap,, quick close,  recent apprasial for commercial daycare property in Ohio, at $8.9million, 5.3 refi, 1.2 million cash out, to pay off IRS Lien $830K, $200K factoring, $200 personal loan...revenue $290,000 monthly ...We don't have time to waste, we don't have time to go conventional unless quick funding, owner is paying $20k a week to IRS to keep from freezing assets, and running out of time.

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Miss Harper,

I don't know who you've been dealing with, but sometimes I just wonder how people get into paying upfront fees, period.  I'm a CRE finance broker and we never charge upfront fees, ever, and we get deals done.  What a concept.  Anyways, in spite of your client wasting money, the biggest question is why does he have the Tax lien/why's it so large?  What happened?  Your client has supposedly been wasting time with brokers.  Have there been any real direct lenders that this has been run by?  That would be important information too.

I would appreciate your answers off site.  I know you are looking for direct lenders, but this is not going to be easy to do considering the special use of the property and the situation, but I want to see the file b/c I may have some people to run it by.  Conventional is not even an option b/c of the tax lien.  If I don't hear from you, I'll understand. 


Jared Rine or

209 481 0514

Hi Jharmaine...... Hope all is well. I am a Direct Bridge Lender with the Rubicon Fund in Northern California. I am in the verified sources section. This is little too far for us and LTV is a bit to high, but contact me so I can send you more details about us our loans since you are in Las Vegas and that is a area we lend in. 

I also work for a Correspondent Lender as well South End Capital. We specialize in the tough to do deals. If you like us to take a look at the deal and see if it's something we can pull off I would be more than happy too. Below is my contact information..... Looking forward to hearing from you.....


Antoine Anderson

Commercial Loan Consultant

P:510: 381-1930





65% ARV Lending Nationwide ( Major Cities Perferred)
Rehab and Purchase Included
Interest Only Payments
Rates starting at 12%
Terms 12-60 months
Can close in 20 Days 
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