Attention: ISO's, MCA Lenders, Unsecured Lenders!!!!!

Everyday and most NOW WITH COVID 19 will be tough get an MCA or Unsecured Loan...If you dont have any SECURED LENDING PROGRAM in your pipeline. Check this one is UNIQUE!!!


Secured Advances for Business Owners


Do you own any property?

Do you still have a mortgage?

Does your business make more than $6,000.00 a month in deposits?

Did your business start on or before 12/31/2019?


If you answered YES to the questions above than you are PRE-APPROVED

Flexible Terms

Easy Repayment Options

ACT NOW- Limited Applicants will be allowed!

Program Highlights:

  • Merchant must deposit at least 3 deposits into their business checking account
  • Merchant must deposit at least $6,000.00 per month in total deposits- not transfers
  • Merchant must be in business at least 3 months
  • Overdrawn accounts should not occur more than 4 times a month and never consecutive
  • Our buy rates are anywhere from a 1.21 to a 1.59 depending on the file
  • Terms can go from 40 days to 500 days      Weekly payment is an option  Renewals on growing businesses at 40%
  • Deal killers- Merchant stacking advances, negative accounts 


  • ID, Voided Check, EIN or business ownership proof
  • Stips on deals OVER 25,000.00
    • Last 2 rent receipts
  • Stips OVER 100,000.00
    • Site Visit
  • Merchant MUST be in business at least 3 months
  • Merchant MUST deposit at least $5,000.00 per month
  • Merchant MUST make at least 2 deposits per month
  • Overdrawn accounts cannot exceed 6 times in one calendar month and consecutive overdrafts cannot exceed more than 3 days
  • Terms- 9 months to 120 months WEEKLY DAILY or MONTHLY payment options are available determined by underwriting Secured advances are recorded at local title offices and take 10-18 days to close, merchant is required to send warranty deed or equivalent to price
  • On COMMERCIAL property- we will advance up to 91% of estimated value
  • On RESIDENTIAL property we will advance up to 88% of estimated value
  • On LAND we will lend up to 78% of estimated value
  • On Large Scale Equipment – we will lend up to 88% of actual cash value of equipment
  • On AUTOMOBILES we will lend up to 66% of black book value
  • On WATERCRAFT, RECREATIONAL VEHICLES, and other vehicles we will only lend up to 40% of black book value
  • We WILL NOT lend on Jewelry, collectibles and such, although this may be discretionary if there is no title or deed we cannot loan on it. 
For application and other information, please email or call us. 
E. Cepeda
Managing Partner
Pacific West Group
Phone #939-491-1799

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