Looking for a lender to fund 100% of construction etc costs of 3 homes in a high end development in Texas.

Loan Basic parameters:

1. After completed LTV 65% or less

2. Borrower has excellent credit

3. Borrower has good net worth and verifiable income

4. 9-12 month term sought, flexible on rate and points. No upfront fees except actual costs of appraisals etc

5. Strong and experienced design, management and labor team in place

Looking to develop a long term relationship.

Seeking direct lender. No broker daisy chains.

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Please reach out to me at mdeibel@knightheadfunding.com or (203) 327-3327.  I am a direct private equity lender based in Greenwich, Connecticut and I lend nationwide.  

Hello Jake,

We can help.  Offering true 100% asset-based lending.

Contact me back for more details. thecashflowanswer@gmail.com


We are private equity & venture capital investment company who are ready to fund projects in the form of debt finance.

Do you need a loan to Enhance your business? Loan to Consolidate your Debt? Loan for personal uses? Loan for credit Card? Mortgage Loan? We are the solution to your financial problem. We grant loan to both cooperate and private entities at a low interest rate. The terms are very flexible and interesting.

Kindly revert back if you have projects that needs funding for further discussion and negotiation.

Best Regards,
Richard Max.
(872) 225-2819
Address: 4625 Sherland  Rd,Mountain View,
CA 94043, USA.

jakemoore09 at gmail dot com

I am an investor and a private Money Lender,I am interested in funding good business plans, we render Construction funds, 100% JV Equity,Low Income Housing, Large-Scale Debt, Small Balance, DIP(Debtor in Possession), Apt. Equity Participation, Non Recourse for Multi Family & Assisted Living, Commercial Bridge/Hard Money, Mezzanine Programs, Income Producing Property, Commercial Land Development, Stock Loans as well as seed capital. Interested in getting your project funding, Our interest rate is 4% Annually.

Best Regards,
Richard M

Hi Jake:

I just saw your post. If you have not found a lending source, I may be able to assist you. Please give me a call to discuss further.

Ann O'Rourke



Need a loan?

We offer unsecured personal loans from $10000 to $100,000,000 for any purpose. You do not have to be a homeowner, we offer loans to tenants too. We won't charge you a fee to consider your application. We'll give you a conditional decision in minutes. We are a lender, not a broker - we lend you the money.

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