Hi, currently looking to connect with private investors for private deals in Northeast Ohio.

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Hi Chad,

We offer a no credit check, no income verification loan to investors on single family and multi-family properties up to four units in 35 States, Ohio being one of them except for Cuyahoga County.  35% down based on the sales price of the home is required to qualify.  Loan amounts from 20K to 100k.  No pre-pay penalty and no balloon payment.  We're ok with distressed homes.  When the appraisal comes back we are looking at the value of the property and not the condition of the home.  A typical closing happens in 10-14 days.  If you were declined on your loan and need someone to save your deal---we can do fast closings on deals that already have an apparaisal, title work, etc...  Please call or email if this is something that can help you sell a property or help you leverage your cash to purchase more inventory.


Best regards,


Ted Esquibel

Visio Financial Services/Econohomes



Good day Chad, this is Doug Iles in Mansfield, OH.   I have access to transactional funding up to $600,000 and possibly more.   But, an end buyer must be in place for this $$ is not a loan.   Rather, transactional funding similar to a simultaneous closing.  

But, if you could use this money for some flip deals, then please let me know.


Beneficial Brokers, LLC
Cell @ 419-545-4446
Skype name:  consult511


We have clients seeking to purchase multi-family and complexes.  We also have private lending direct to funds for many types of loans.  What type of deals are you working on?

Feel free to contact me:



Hello Chad,

Welcome!  Do you have deals already and you want to close?

Or are you looking to find deals?  If so- what are you looking for?

Would you be interested in this residential opportunity to make a good income helping

homeowners in distress?  Check it out here:  Mortgage Answers

You can join as an affiliate/consultant. It is free.

Call if with ?  @ 760.713.6242.



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