We have a new business line of credit. In light of the impact on lending from COVID-19, we want to add another possible working capital option.

This is a line of credit and here are the details.

 What is it?

- A true business line of credit (credit card + bank transfer function).

- Interest Rate is 14% + prime (3.25%), $99.97 activation fee for setup.

- Up to $10,000 initial line issued based on your personal credit.

- Credit limited can be boosted up to $100,000 based on business revenues.

- No Personal Guarantee and does not report on personal credit.

- Connected with your merchant account, auto-draws 25% of transactions to pay the balance.


Qualifying Criteria:

- US Citizen with credit score, higher scores = larger line

- Must have a merchant account. OK to establish a new account. We will assist you with that.

- Uses soft-pull, no hard inquiry (hard-inquiry required for new merchant account)


Interested? Contact me and I will get you set up. Call (442) 900-1157 or email: mindworkscapitalsolutions@gmail.com


Affiliates must sign up and establish the LOC. You keep 100% of commissions.

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