Networking with wholesalers and others looking to sell: I have buyers!

If you are a wholesaler, motivated seller, or know of someone, and are looking to sell your property, we are buying.

** - If you're not familiar with these terms [just looking to sell your home], you may leave these blank, and I'll look them up.

Initial Criteria:

Properties that are in pre-foreclosure; or anything that is not yet, or not currently, on the MLS.
** Properties [comps] must be 1/2 mile [1 mile MAX] of property, and not cross any major roads. If there's a pocket of homes in the 100K range, and then, there's a jump in one direction a bunch under 100K, and a bunch under 200K, keep to those in the 100K range, within the boundaries [eg, no crossing over highways].
The house must be minimum of 1200 sq ft.
** The ARV to be $150K - $500K, SFH
** The max rehab is 63% of ARV

3BR; if house meets the above, may consider other BR/BA combinations.

If you have something that fits this criteria, please respond with:

Seller's Name

Seller's Phone

Type of Property

Subject Property Address

Seller's Primary Residence?

Is the Property Vacant or Occupied?

Does the property have a Tenant?

If property is Rented, what is the Monthly Rent Amount?

Is property in an HOA?

If YES above, what are the HOA Monthly Dues:

Number of Bedrooms

Number of Bathrooms [Use .1 for each Half-Bath]

Garage (N/A or Attached or Detached and Number of Spaces)

Square Footage (Living Area)

Year Built

Years Owned by Seller [prefer]

Seller's Reason for Selling?

Repairs Needed to the Property? (enter None if no repairs needed)

Seller's Asking Price

Is Property in Foreclosure?

Existing 1st Mortgage Information
(Lender Name, Balance Due, Monthly Payment and How Many Days Past Due)

Annual Taxes
[From County Records or current Tax Bill]

Annual Insurance
Estimate if actual is unknown

Existing 2nd Mortgage Information:
(Lender Name, Balance Due, Monthly Payment and How Many Days Past Due) [if applicible]

Other Lien Information?
(Tax Liens, Judgements, Child Support, Mechanics Liens, HOA, etc.) [if applicible]

Is property listed for sale with a Realtor today?

IF listed with Realtor, what is List Price?

IF Listed with Realtor, what was the list start date?

** Your Estimated ARV.

** Comparable 1
Enter street address and zipcode only

** Comparable 2
Enter Street address and Zipcode only

** Comparable 3
Enter Street Address and Zipcode only

When pictures are asked for: Include 1 of each side exterior, 1 each side street views, 1 each interior room and 1 each of the Mechanicals.

Again, if you have something that meets what's listed in criteria, email me the requested information, and I'll get back to you. Wholesalers, include your assignment fee [average $5 - $10K].

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