This is NOT a post for "lenders," and any such inquires for offer a loan will be ignored.

I'm looking to connect with actual real estate and business investors. You do not need to be an experienced investor. You can even be brand new. You just have to be open-minded, and willing to look for cash-flows beyond your back yard.

You may or may not know that one can use their IRAs, 401ks, etc, to invest in precious metals, real estate, and even businesses (as long as compliant with IRS guides).

You also may or may not know that you can use the equity in your property for investing.

Even if you, yourself, don't have access to these, you can network with people who do have these.

I want to network with other investors, and make it so that we can pool and leverage resources, and create wins for everyone.

Let me know if you are interested!

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