I have built a network of proven direct private lenders that provide short and/or long term NOO residential and commercial loans. These loan programs are used to finance the purchase of non-owner occupied properties and provide real estate-backed lines of credit to experienced real estate investors throughout the country.  I would love to speak with you regarding your property.  diane@capfinancegroup.com

Diane Charles

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Hi Diane, we are expanding in FL & thereafter in GA & TX. We buy-fix-sell SFR [$100K-$200K range]. Project time is 6 months, though the loan period is 1 year. We could do 1 project or could do with $0,5M-$1M per month - with each property vetted by you, as they are secured.

Let me know your lender rates/terms.


Sol Celender   tel 818-394-9382 ; cell 818-292-1353  PST

Hi Sol,

Will give you a call this afternoon.



I would be interested in hearing more.

are you a nationwide lender?

could you email me further info..





I am looking to refinance $8M commercial real estate loan in Missouri?  Email me if interested stubborn1951@gmail.com

Dick Davidson

Ms. Charles:

I recently formed a Company (llc), specializing in the acquisition.rehabilitation and management of distressed multi-family properties so as to provide "affordable" housing for the disabled, elderly, homeless and displaced veterans.At this time our only financing options are hard money or private money sources, however, even hard money lenders require "some skin in the game" of approximately 20% down payment or some form of "gap" funding.

I have approximately 30 yrs of experience investing primarily in SFR properties, while my partner has over 40 yrs of General Contracting experience ; thus making your 

loan programs and real estate backed-lines of credit to finance the purchase of non-owner occupied properties quite intriguing to us.  If it is at all possible could you forward any information pertaining your lending criteria and your parameters for establishing a real estate-backed line of credit.

Thank you for your assistance,

William Wynn                                                                                                                                             thewynngroup@gmail.com                                                                                                                                           941-235-2349


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