Need to refinace multifamily properties 80% ltv. in South Florida

We are a are a Real Estate Investment group that buys and holds multifamily properties for rental income. We currently own around 38 units and growing. As we complete a building we need to refinance out of the construction loan and into a more permanent loan and would like a little cash out up to 80% LTV. Please advise of funding options. Contact

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Max LTV would be around 70%, there are no seasoning requirements for refinancing but cash out is on a case by case basis. To discuss contact me at 713-777-9996 Ext 103 - John Broussard


I would be happy to discuss your loan request with you.  80% LTV may be a little on the high side, but, depending on the the strength of the borrower, it may be possible.

We are commercial mortgage brokers who work with a number of verified lenders capable of funding a loan request such as this.  I can be reached at or (516)596-1456.

Jerry Skolnick

If you haven't secured funding, please contact me. I 'm a commercial brokers who works with a number of verified lenders capable of funding your  a loan request.  I can be reached at 

Best regards 


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