Trying not to put anything down, looking for 100% financing or close to it. We will be doing most of the work this will save money and increase the profits once sold. 2 HOUSES will be sold and 2 HOUSES we will hold (rental income is over a $1000 each HOUSE). We are getting these houses at a great discount. One house will cost $20k and we will put $20 to 30K into it and can sale it up to $160k but I would sell it for $110 to $120k just to sale fast and give the buyer some equity. Comps will support that too. We would only need the money for 3 to 6 months if that. Rehab and sell 2 of the houses and refi  the other 2 houses in 12 months




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I am not so sure you will find 100% or close to it anymore.

Here is our rehab parameters -
Our Lenders will consider and review Rehab Loan Requests for Properties located in the following States:
  • Maryland (Counties of Montgomery, Prince George’s, Charles and Ocean City. All other areas of MD on a case by case basis.)
  • Washington, DC (Entire area.)
  • Virginia (Counties in Northern VA near DC, Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Tidewater Areas.)
  • Any loan amount
  • Equity-based lending program
  • Zero pre-payment penalties
  • Zero monthly mortgage payments
  • First trust – First lien position only
  • Your credit is not considered
  • No employment verification
  • No minimum credit score requirement
  • Loan Approval within 48 Hours
  • Fast closings (usually within 10-14 days)
  • Up to 60% LTV based on ARV
  • 12% to 16% Interest
  • 4 to 6 Points
  • 6-month balloon note (longer terms possible)
  • Repair money in escrow and released in draws
  • Experience is not required for approval
Feel free to submit your loan requests online -
Troy Ross, CEO of the PCFC Group
Your Commercial and Residential Rehab Funding Resource
Located in Goochland County, Virginia
*NEW* Toll Free Number (888) 422-0190
My  name is Felix and I am a Finance Specialist. We can help you.
Call my partner Courtney Lawrence and she will talk to you about  the kinds of funds we provide. Also go to our website. For any questions please  to hesitate to reach us.
Felix And Courtney Lawrence:
Phone:  (949) 777-5509 | Fax:   (949)  309-2731


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