Need Investor for a 2 year land contract or Rent to own

Need finance on a rent to own or land contract.

finance will be to purchase the home and renovation costs. Total cost of project between $260000 and $280000 depending on the purchase price.

3 to 5 % money down. No prepayment penalty.

I am Real estate Investor and real estate agent  with experience and good reputation. I Own and manage a renovation business. Can provide numbers, market research, and pictures of past and current projects.

Credit score 730

Please contact me at 440.539.3859 or


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I can help you,  drop a message.

Single family property located in Rocky River - OH 

Listing price - $239000
Potential purchase price - $215000
Repairs $ 68000
After repair value - $302000
Loan amount - $285000
Land contract or rent to own period - 2 years (from the day of title transfer) with the option of closing early.
I will take care of holding costs, utilities, taxes, maintenance, and all other expenses. I need purchase price and renovation cost financed. That's all
This is for my personal use. 
About me:
Joao Mauricio Rocha
Ohio resident for 10 years.
Involved in Real Estate since 2008.
Business name: Rocha Renovations. 
Closed on a renovation project last Friday. I can send you info on this if you want.
I am involved in two other projects now in the are of Lakewood Ohio.
As a real estate agent I am working with domestic and foreign investors in single family and multifamily projects.
Let me know if this is something you can work with. If so, I can send you property info,pics, comps in the area and more detailed numbers on everything else.
I can also send you demographics and market analysis.
Thank you for taking the time." class="CToWUd"/>

I believe that I may have a program that is perfect for your current funding scenario. If you currently have the property under contract and can cover the yard care and utility costs, our accredited private investors will cover the rest. For more information about this program, please follow the link below:

Contact us today for your Loan at No Upfront fees and less Interest rate between 2-12% depending on the Loan amount.

Phone number (Call/Text): (813) 473-6758
Fax number: 2084459321

Just read about your post i think i can help you fund your deal only if you are serious in securing a loan from me get back to me via inbox here so we can discuss more about your loan email




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