I am a American that lives in both Paris. and Miami,  I.  am trying to buy a. liquor store in Florida,however many years in France have left my credit score very. low

The. store. does 3 m USD in sales a. high volume store

Monthly sales in the 200,000 plus range,  the. space is leased

The amount needed is.  2m usd,

If you  can help.please contact


SKYPE.  smt20003043

whatsapp   33614094335

email. smt1954@aim.com

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Hi Steve,

I am Adams Owen,CEO Adams Capital Management LTD.. We can fund your loan request. Kindly contact me via email..

Adams Owen
Professional Private Lender
CEO/Adams Capital Management LTD
E-mail : ceo@adamscapitalmanagementltd.com


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