We are looking to enter Detroit MI, Las Vegas, Orlando FL, S. Florida and need funding to acquire and rehab properties.

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Can you find the deals in orlando at 60% to 70% arv? We buy 44 homes a month in Florida and would be willing to listen to you regarding Orlando.


david gonzalez



65% ARV Lending Nationwide ( Major Cities Perferred)
Rehab and Purchase Included
Interest Only Payments
Rates starting at 12%
Terms 12-60 months
Can close in 20 Days 
Call 877-570-5594 or email ag29577@gmail.com


Please review the attached funding programs. Should there be interest please contact me.


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services

Phone: 510-575-1709

Fax: 1-855-203-6081


I can fund the loan amount which you seek with an affordable interest rate and also with a flexible repayment plan to help you avoid default with the repayment of the loan. If you are interested to know more about my loan program please let me know and get back to me via my email.

Thank you

Vince, i may be able to help with your funding needs, pls send details on your loan request:


Peter Abraham
813 400-3537 office

“Providing residential and commercial mortgage loans to 
small business owners.

Vince I would be able to help you with financing in Florida and Nevada. I have several loan programs that are suitable for fix n flip projects. Feel free to reach out to me at mike@visionglobalcapital.com or call me at 949-215-7183.

DETRIOT REHAB MONEY AVAILABLE. Up to 100% funding. $1 mill-$500+ mill. At Next Step Capital Funding our commercial funding resources combined with our professional services enables us to place most commercial projects. Recent bank lending regulations and qualifications make it difficult to find funding. We can find funding for virtually any commercial project located in the U.S., Canada as well as international markets. From ground up construction, refinance rehab and debt restructuring, Next Step Capital Funding focuses on niche markets of commercial projects that traditional lending institutions may not be able to finance. funding@nextstepcapitalfunding.com- 302.384.2322


What are the major factors against your loan but we can provide the loan at No Upfront fees and Low interest rate irrespective of your Credit score,Write Tom on tomvichi90@gmail.com for details


FUNDING IN DETROIT,LAS VEGAS, FLORIDA AND NATIONWIDE ? If your company or someone you know needs funding let us know. NO UPFONT FEES .....funding@nextstepcapitalfunding.com- 302.384.2322 Maverick

I am an authorized HUD Brokerage and have been rehabbing since 2005.

I have a need for a source for a "business vertical", joint venture business model.

Investor, usually ot of Country, purchases a HUD home for cash, and I do the rehab as a joint venture with them.

Looking for a funding partner that does 100% rehab loans.

Have multiple projects going right now. First one is a purchase for 30K with an ARV of 80K with a need for 20K in rehab funds, Rehab will take 3 weeks and I alreay have buyers.

I offer wide range of loans, my service is fast and due at a very low and minimum rate of 5% to suit your needs.


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