We just closed on a 19 unit in Chicago.  We require $400,000 for rehab to begin ASAP.  The property has a waiting list of ready tenants.

The complex will have an ARV of $1.5 million.  Call 855-832-6678                                                           

Gilbert Meilleur                                                                                                                                      gilbert@providentialhomes.com

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Hey Gilbert,

Do you have an other commercial units you could do cash-out against? The amount is in our ballpark but we would require a first position in order to use our financing for working capital and renovation purposes.

Best regards,

Marc Simpson


Just a 4/2 in Grand Prairie, TX valued at $140K.

What is your email address?



Hi Marcus,

I do not have other commercial units to do cash outs right at this moment.  We paid cash for this property, so you would have 1st lien position.

Gilbert Meilleur



Hey Gilbert, I would like to get some more info to see if it would be a good fit.

Current Occupancy

Current/projected Inc

Current/projected Exp

Current/projected NOI

Expected timeline to completion

Est. Lease up period


Shoot me an email and I'll follow up

Chris Cambridge



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Hello Gilbert, 

If you have not yet obtained funding for this give me a call or email me at the info below. We have fantastic rates for rehab's.


Kenneth Hollis 

Sandwood Commercial Finance


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