I want finance for an investment property purchase in Atlanta GA (approx 70% LTV).

I am looking for rates close to 5% and with little/no points/charges/fees and payable after  funds have been transferred. If you can help me I want to  act quickly, I already have offers submitted.

I would prefer to put the property purchase and the loan in the name of a GA based LLC, or can keep it in my personal name. I am a non resident foreign national (which generally makes financing harder so thought the LLC option would be preferred)) and have a FICO of approx 700, and am after funding of approx $70K per property.

Ideally I would like 5 years plus on the  loan, as I am looking to buy and hold (not flip), and would prefer interest only payments, but OK with principle and interest if that is only option.

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Residential Fix and Flip Funding 95% of Purchase Price 100% of Renovations or up to 70% Cash Out Refinance regardless of the property's condition and 30 year No Doc Mortgage with credit scores as low as 500.

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