I hope that all is well. 

 We have two separate groups of seasoned investors. Both experienced groups have great assets, strong principals and teams, and good cash reserves with shovel-ready projects.

DEAL #1 

The first project is a 40-unit midrise, $17.7M multifamily development in the DC area. The bridge funding request is $8.5M to complete the project.



The second project and team have a strong resume and extensive track record in the upscale entertainment space.


This new development will be a premium entertainment complex and lounge located in Miami.


$1.3M has been invested to date and the investors are requesting $2.5M to complete the project within the next 90 days. The property has a post-development value of $21.5M.


Please share with me what is required to provide pricing for these projects.


And feel free to let me know if there are any additional questions.


More information is available upon request. Please contact me at 678.288.5041

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Please send complete details on both of your projects to samcthomas45@gmail.com  I can help you with this.

My company, FAST LOANS AND INVESTMENT does these types of funding. We are into investment and granting of loans. If you wish to know more just email me and we can start from there.




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