I   am  looking   for a  liquor  store  loan,  the  problem  is  i am a american  in  paris  and  also  live  in  miami,  many  years  in  paris  have left  my  credit  score  in bad  shape.

I  have a   person that can  help  me  they have a  a  high  credit score  of  750 +, they  would  help  me   to  get  a loan,  but they  wont  co  sign the  loan,  the  business  will  be  responsible  for  the  re payment.

The  person with a  high  credit  would just   help to get the  loan  he  wont show his  finance  statement  just a  credit score,  but  if the  loan is  approved  by a  lender,  he  would  want  a  hold  harmless agreement  with the  lender  and  indemnity  insurance , if   you  can accept then  contact  me

amount of  loan is  750,000 usd.

Steve  Touma

33614094335 france


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Steve. I can help you get funded, let me know the time frame for the loan and how soon do you need this funds? Please email me Rmf_martin@aol.com for more information's 

Hey Steve, 

Is your deal still available for funding and if yes this is what i can make happen for you.

Below is my contact details on how best we can move forward with the processing. 

Agent Floyzell 

VRLending LLC 

(512) 761-8394 


If you can afford to agree on 7% interest rate and LTV 77%. Also my terms & conditions with the repayment detailing, Then i can offer you the amount you need.

Write me via email, text or call @ +1(702)907-9359.

John Hanson
Finance Capital LLC


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