This property sits on .75 acre,located in a very nice area in Ogden Utah.The seller is willing to carry back 20% on $646,000..down from $850,000 few months ago.If paying cash, he will let go for $550,000.Right now is 100% occupied by good renters and most of them has been in there for years.

Thank You,


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The seller is willing to carry back 20%,that is not enough?


20% from the seller, means that the borrower has none of his own money invested. Meaning the borrower has nothing to lose. If the BUYER has at least 10% invested, then I can help you.

Dhing, No upfront fees, no obligation to continue. call me for funding

Gary M. Danno


I'm a strategic referral partner with NYC Commercial Funding Conduit which provides recourse and non-recourse commercial funding from 100k to no upper limit. 


My role is to send out loan worksheets which need to be completely and accurately filled out by borrowers and get these to the NYC analyst team for a full funding proposal. When the worksheet is returned we then send out a preliminary funding offer. If it is satisfactory we prepare our final, and official, funding offer which will include instructions as to how to wire us a fully refundable $2,500 - $5,000 retainer fee. 


Notice how the borrower pays nothing until after they get the funding offer they like. 



Kindest Regards;


James W. Peterson




Hi; I just wanted to introduce myself and my company, JCunderwriting and we do loans starting at one (1) million dollars, and bridge loans. Our response time is 24 – 48 hours .If you have any questions or scenarios please call or email me. My direct line is 718-888-0489. 

Derrick Moore
39-10 Main Street, Suite 206
Flushing, New York 11354
Telephone: (212)225-8400
Facsimile: (212)225-8386



Please email me more detailed information. I may be able to help with your funding needs.

Therin Hill



The property is listed for $549,000 right now,it was $800,000 last year.The seller is willing to carry back 20%.If paying cash he might go down to $500,000 and pay all the closing costs, also next to the property is a vacant lot that he has been paying taxes and maintaining it for 7 years..He does not own the lot,but the owner had abandon it and the owner is nowhere to be found.

A Lawyer told me that I could file a claim after I buy the apartment " adverse ownership" but I don't know how much it will  cost.

The 14-units has been completely remodeled and replaced everything that was old.Fully occupied.The monthly rental income is $7,350 and the renters pays all the utilities except taxes,insurance and garbage.

So......can you give me 100% financing? and what are your terms?




Send me the details about the deal again and a executive summary. My email is tnjenterprises@sc.rr.com


I have not heard from you. Did you get this under contract? Do you still need financing?



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Tuesday, October 2, 2012 5:18 PM
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+ 10 year term with no real estate
+ 25 year term with real estate
+ Interest only pmts
+ Non recourse
+ 15 point origination
+ Not credit driven, credit problems ok
+ Discharged BK OK
+ No residential real estate needed for collateral
+ 72 hour approvals
+ 45 days to funding
+ 1% fee due after approval
+ Docs needed include:
    + Application
    + Fee agreement
    + Business plan, ideally less than 10 pages
    + Pro forma
    + Executive summary
It's OK if business is not incorporated yet. It does need to be incorporated and business account set up before closing.


I would still like to discuss this deal, I may have something that can work. Please email me the deal information and a number that I can contact you at.

Therin Hill, MBA


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