1. My name is James Mullen, I need someone trustworthy honest, and  sincere to assist me in acquiring  high end distressed residential and commercial  properties for resale and profit. if this fits you contact me as soon as possible.@ real estate finance or ojmull63@gmail.com.I look forward to working with someone I can form an honest friendship with and profit  with together. Scammers stay away for I have been given a since of discernment to know you in your mannerism.

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Mr, Richard Dickson,

                  My name is James Mullen, I read you reply to my post,and have an  interest in your program.Would you kindly send me any criteria on your loan process, from borrowing to repayment. Please contact me @ Real Estate Finance or email me @(ojmull63@gmail.com).I look forward to your future communication. Thank you.


                                                  James Mullen Jr.

Hi James!

What type of loan are you looking for? We offer a rehab loan for investors. We offer 100% financing for the purchase, improvements and soft costs on 1-4 family non-owner occupied properties. Let me know if this is something that interests you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Nikki Hauenstein
Marketing Manager
ReCasa Financial Group

 Ms. Nikki Hauenstein,

               Thank you for replying to my post. I have been looking for sometime now to find the right company to help me acquire real estate in my area. The  obstacle I run into is the  lack of funding or proof letter of guaranteed funding .At  the present time I have several possibilities I am working with. If  you feel you can help in some way of securing these and other properties please feel free to contact me @ Real Estate Finance or email me @ (ojmull63@gmail.com).I look forward to your response.


                                                              James Mullen Jr.

BUY-FIX-FLIP Professionals Nationwide

Earn up to Six Figure Profits Per Property
No Credit or Down Payment Required
Overview of the OPTION BUY-BACK Strategy:

1.) You locate a below market, residential or commercial property, in any state from $100K to $10M that you can rehab and resell for a profit, within 6 months.

The following documentation is required in your presentation package:

Licensed contractor itemized labor and materials estimate,
Brokers Price Opinion or Appraisal,
Executive summary of your recent experience in buying and selling properties.
Only experienced flippers and contractors will qualify

2.) We will buy the property, ALL CASH, up to 70% of After Repair Value
·This covers the purchase price, all closing costs, & repair costs
· We will escrow the rehab funds on a draw schedule with your Contractor
· As the owner of the Property, we will then grant you a recorded OPTION to
Purchase, with the sole and exclusive legal rights to market and resell,
our Property within 6-12 months

· Your Option requires a monthly Option Renewal payment of 1.0% to 1.50% to
keep your exclusive rights to resell and earn profits

· When you resell our property, after normal closing costs :

NO credit or Down Payment Required and NO Loans to Repay

WE bring 100% of the CASH ....YOU bring your skills to find, renovate and resell for profit,

But...What Happens If You Default
from nonpayment of renewal fee, or inability to resell?

No problem. First, as the Owner of the property, we don't have to pursue legal action or initiate foreclosure actions because we already own the property .Your Option simply is voided due to non-performance and you just walk away owing us nothing. Since there was no loan generated, you have no personal liability, no loans to repay, and no impact on your credit whatsoever


I am able to get you the loan with the best rates possible for your situation.

Email for more information


Our data-base contains the lending requirements of more than 4,000 lenders carefully selected based on reputation, and  their willingness to offer preferred pricing.
This includes banks, private lenders, venture capitalists and specialty lenders
•Up to five lenders that have “pre-approved” the loan are connected to you. Lenders generally contact clients within 24 to 48 hours for follow-up questions.
Start Ups
Working Capital
Installment Loans
Purchase Order
Real Estate
Private Capital
•You pay NO UPFRONT FESS for our services. Lenders pay us upon  closing
•Real-time data is available online.
•Negotiate for best terms/pricing
•More than 20 different types of loans available
•Depending on type & size of loan, funding generally takes three days to six weeks.

Look's like both of us are looking for the same thing however i did not yet also find some funding service that will provide me and right now i am doing all i can to get a sale and support my own dream to have a home and hope through being real estate agent now at http://www.parhaattoimitilat.fi/ will help to my problem.

Hello Preston,

 I am in receipt of your answer to my request for funding.Can you call so we may make a connection to my request? 901-550-7679

                 Thank you

      James Mullen


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