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We are direct private bridge lenders.  We fund all of our loans using our own balance sheet.  We do not use any 3rd party capital.  If you need quick financing or can't get a loan from the bank, please contact Auri Streit at 818-787-6940 or  For more information, please visit our website:

Loan Criteria

Loan types:                   First and second trust deeds.

Interest rates:                Starting at 8%.

Loan Amounts:              $350,000 - $5,000,000 ($1,000,000 minimum outside of California).

LTV:                             Generally up to 60%.  Higher Selectively.

Property Type:              Commercial and Residential (business purpose).

Location:                      California, the Western, Midwestern & Southern United States.

Term:                            Up to 2 years.

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Hi Willie, 

Unfortunately, we do not lend against restaurants as we view them as more of operating businesses than we do real estate.  On the commercial front, we look to lend against the major property types, including retail, industrial, office and multifamily. 



do you fund in Texas ?

Hi Nancy, 

We do lend in Texas as long as the property is located in a major city. 



Hi Nancy, 

Yes, we would consider funding in Baytown.  Could you please send me the loan details?  My email is

would you lend in NY?

Hi Richard, 

Unfortunately, do not lend in the Northeastern US.  We look to lend in the Western, Mid-Western and Southern US.  




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