Need Commercial Real Estate Investment Loans ranging from $50k-$500MM

Commercial Real Estate Investment Loans

ranging from $50k-$500MM

Banks See Problems; We See Potential With banks tightening their belts, borrowers are  l looking towards private investors to help fund real estate investment properties. By working with private and institutional lenders, we can fund real estate investments based on the value of the real estate, not the borrower’s credit.

             Customized Loans

Every deal is unique. Rather than conforming to strict underwriting guidelines, our lenders believe in underwriting that makes financial sense; underwriting based on the asset and the individual’s ability to pay. Whether you are looking for commercial, residential, or construction and development loans, we can find a short-term financing solution for you.

           Flexible Financing Options

  • Loans ranging from $50k-$500MM

  • Get funding when banks won’t lend

  • Bypass rigid conventional lending guidelines

  • Up to 65% LTV

  • Customized terms

           Common Uses

  • Residential, commercial, multi-family properties

  • Quick property take-down

  • Real estate rehab

  • Real estate acquisition

  • Development and construction

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