I am the direct lender working at a community bank in NJ. My lending area is NY, NJ, and parts of CT & PA. No minimum up to $15 million on almost all types of commercial loans. For more than $15 million loans, I participate with other bank. Purchase, refinance with or without cash out, SBA 7a, SBA 504, business loan on and on. Explore my non-recourse program as well. I welcome a broker deal. Fast decision. I guarantee you and your clients satisfaction with us.

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Hey Allan

My name is Saar I have a deal in NJ Lodi call me to discuss


What is your number? or can you call me at 201-823-0700 ext 2079 or 201-232-2666.  I won't be at my office tomorrow.  So, you may have to call me today or any days after tomorrow.


please contact me with details for submission

thank you, Dennis Cody


Mr. Yoon,

Please e mail me more information about your programs to tskutnik@ptd.net. I have a few commerical projects I am looking to get funding for.


Tim Skutnik

I sent you the below email on March 5th.  Since I have not heard from you yet, I am re-sending it.
I thank you for your interest.  Unfortunately, we do not have the fixed terms and conditions for commercial loans.  Each loan is unique and so is terms and conditions.  However, I can give you broad range of terms and conditions.  See below.
  1. Types of properties:  all (hotel and motel deals have more strict conditions and relatively higher rates)
  2. CRE loans:  Purchase - 4.25% and up (can be lowered depend on the case) / up to 75% LTV
  3.                        Refi - same as purchase / up to 70% LTV
  4.                        Refi w/ cash out - same as purchase / up to 65% LTV
  5. Up to 5 year fix
  6. term:  up to 25 years
  7. No personal guaranty may be considered for loans with less than 50% LTV
  8. minimum DSCR: 1.20x
For more detail terms and conditions, try a deal.

March 11,13

Hello Allen,

I am trying to finance a Family wellness and Fitness facility(a start up) in Minnesota.Total financing is $15.1 Million and we can provide a A or AA rated insurance bond to guarantee the principal and interest. Would you consider Minnesota.


Adrian Haid/Founder and CEO

Flagship Fitness, Inc.


Phone: 612-963-3281


Thanks for your deal, but it is out of my territory.

Hi Allen,

Does your group ever need Construction Inspectional Services in the administration of any construction investments or loans? Or on any workouts? My firm provides construction consulting services to lenders, banks, investors, etc., in the form of pre-close document review for due diligence analysis and monthly construction monitoring for financial and quality control. Additional information can be sent, if desired, including personal resume, projects list, references, sample reports, etc. Projects size varies from $1,000,000 to over $200,000,000.

Additionally, we serve as Construction Managers directly for developers, municipalities, schools, hospitals, retail complexes, apartments, nursing homes, paper mills, etc., and attorneys (expert witness roles). We work nationally, with especially strong experience in the Northeast, Hawaii, Florida, the West Coast, Texas, and Arizona.

I appreciate any consideration.

Andy Voikos    avoikos1@comcast.net   508-362-8776



Hello Allen,

I would like to contact you to discuss funding a project.


send me a detail information to ayoon@bcbcommunitybank.net 


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