I am in the process of starting a new company where I will be acquiring real estate for rental income purposes.  2-5 family and mixed use buildings are the primary targets and maybe a single family home as long as it is a fix and flip.  The primary focus is not fix and flip but on the rental income.  I will need an unsecured business line of credit and like to see how much I can qualify for.  Is there anyone out there that can assist in this matter?  Let me know soon. 

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This is exactly what we do, unsecured business lines of credit with an without income verification. Give me a call and I can go through the program with you.

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I have a property that I made an offer on in Palm Coast Florida. The lender I had planned to use was not able to fund the loan at the last minute. I need funding based on the ARV - after rehab value of this property and any other property that I buy. That's what I thought I had, and then things changed. I may have lost this deal because of that, but I don't to run into the same thing again. I am trying to line up potential funding now. My email address is horizon.research@ymail.com - phone is 941-237-0951 during business hours. I'm in Florida.

Thank you,

Ruth Tick


Sorry to hear about what "that" lender did to you. I think a good idea would be to let all of us know the name of this lender that screwed you. I'm a multifamily developer and I've had similar experiences with hard money lenders. We invest our money and time in a deal and then for the silliest reason these guys leave us a hanging. No, I would like to know who that lender is so as to make sure I never send a deal their way.

The entire loan process is reviewed by the staff Attorney's each step of the way, to ensure compliance. We offer Corporate financing, SBA loans, Private loans/Angel, Traditional bank loans, Equipment financing, Equipment lease backs, Business revenue loans, Start up business loans and IRA and 401K, rollover loans.

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These links will provide the details of the programs and back ground of the company, we have funded over 100MM, in the last 2 years.

Best wishes and much success, in your business transactions

Darren Lynch


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