We offer unsecured personal loans from $10000 to $100,000,000 for any purpose*. You do not have to be a homeowner, we offer loans to tenants too. We won't charge you a fee to consider your application. We'll give you a conditional decision in minutes. We are a lender, not a broker - we lend you the money.
Contact us now : allenfaiza@gmail.com

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i need a loan of 20 grand to buy a lenders list from opm credit and car repair?my credit score is 615and no collateral,can i pay so much a month?godbless vancehuntervance@yahoo.com?send info to vancehuntervance@yahoo.com? unsecured please?send answer to vancehuntervance@yahoo.com thnxh vancehunter?

I have a client the owns a SFR investment property in Stamford CT and is converting the property into a rental. The client needs a personal loan of $150,000 the property is the collateral for the loan, the use of funds is for minor repairs for marketing the property, monthly rental will be $3,000 per month. If possible, the client is requesting a 3-5-year term, but will still accept a short-term loan.
The property consists of four bedrooms, two baths (one of the bathrooms has an whirlpool), there is a full kitchen, sun room, attached one car garage, and a large half-finished basement; the property is 1,650 sq. ft. Base on a local real estate agent and Zillow, the property current value is $430,000, the property in 2002 for $391,000 as a second home, the client primary resident is in Manhattan NY.
The client has a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) mortgage lien of $310,374; there are no pre-pay penalties on this property, credit score is 720, the client is retiree working in the NYC courts for 30 years. Please email me at: georgeRmallory@gmail.com , or call (917) 653-5215 and please text me if you can’t reach by phone. Thanks.


Has this deal been funded yet?


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