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We offer unsecured personal loans from $10000 to $100,000,000 for any purpose*. You do not have to be a homeowner, we offer loans to tenants too. We won't charge you a fee to consider your application. We'll give you a conditional decision in minutes. We are a lender, not a broker - we lend you the money.
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Can you please send me information on your lending requirements and process?

Thank you!

Looking to borrow 50,000 to pay off rehab on rental property and purchase another property to flip. house valued around 100,000 , rented 1150.00 amonth. own house free and clear . please get back to me , thanks Ed Gibson

Are you connected to Lasedi Kopano - CEO of Home Link Financial Service?

If so, I issue a warning to any potential borrower to tread very carefully when dealing with this company and anything associated with him.

My experience in getting the loan approval with Home Link Financial Service was easy. Getting my loan funds via Mr Kopano's chosen bank for loan repayments (Northern Ice International Bank) was too difficult, especially when the bank claimed I had to pay a anti-terrorism fee equivalent to 10% of the loan amount before the UK government would release the funds.

Both HM Treasury, other UK lenders and my own reading of the Money Laundering Act and Money Laundering Regulations, 2007 show no requirement for payment of any international transfer fee.

Both Mr Kopano and Mr Dabson (Northern Ice International Bank.) denied my claim and stated I did not know what I was talking about

Please be vigilant if you choose to deal with this organisation, if as I believe it to be, linked to Mr Lasedi Kopano as its CEO.

Thanks Noha for linking me up with Home Link Financial Service, my loan has just been transferred to me by your bank ( Northern Ice International Bank) I am so happy , i can pay off my debts now and start a small business, i will be forever grateful.

Cynthia Lam


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