Need a cash out blanket loan so I can purchase more properties

Good morning. My name is Brian Martinez. I am looking for a cash out bridge loan on 8 single family homes and duplexes that I own in Utah and Colorado. Total property value should come in around $2.2 Million. I currently owe a combined $540,000 on these. I am looking to refinance these loans into one and add $500,000 cash out so that I may purchase more properties. My credit is not perfect, it is around 640 but income is solid. All 8 of these properties provide positive cash flow at this time and 3 of the 8 are even owned free and clear.

Who can help with these Utah and Colorado properties?

I would prefer that you message me here to cut down on spam in my work email.

Thank you,

Brian Martinez, Martinez Dream Investments

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Hey Brian,

We can definitely get this done! We provide several RE financing programs(Stated Income, Hard Money & Bridge Loans) for acquisitions, refinancing or cash outs. Our programs are streamlined and we can get borrowers funded quickly. If you still need funding, please send us more information about your properties and situation. We are a US based company and can definitely get you the funds you need. I look forward to your reply!

Kind Regards

Nick Hubbard | Senior Loan Advisor


o: 314-252-0299

Hey Brian,

Were you able to get this funded? Can connect you with lender that may be a fit.

Feel free to reach out to me at 804-357-8633.


I am working with Monty, the owner of this website, to complete financing.with a loan amount of $1.2 Million. Already been given a term sheet. Things are looking good. Thank you.

Joe Bennett,

Reach out and we can discuss possible loan if you are still interested.




David Lessnick

Joe Bennett,

Reach out and we can discuss possible loan if you are still interested.





  • Non-owner occupied only
  • No minimum FICO
  • Cross collateralization option for multiple properties
  • Interest only payments
  • No income verification
  • Loan amounts from $100K to $7.5MM
  • No prepay penalty on 1 yr term

Reply with your contact info to proceed !!


We are direct lenders providing financing to businesses for working capital,expansion,inventory,equipment purchase or emergencies at an interest rate of 4% In many cases,we can provide you with the funding you need in as little as 24 hours. We are a direct lender: not a bank merchant cash advance company or a financial factory company.
An acknowledgment to this email
(480) 645-9237

Dear Mr. Martinez,

Residential Rental Refi & Cash-Out Loans

  1. Nationwide
  2. Single rental loans: $250,000 to $100 Million per property
  3. Portfolio rental loans: ($40,000+ per property with $1 Million total loan minimum)
  4. Interest rate: 5.25% to 6.25%+
  5. Term: 30 year fixed
  6. No balloon payments 
  7. 30 year fully amortizing
  8. NOO Residential rentals
  9. Refinance or cash-out 70% to 75% of appraised value 
  10. No tax returns, W-2s, 4506T or income verification required
  11. 680+ middle Tri-Merge credit score; 620+ qualifies for hard money bridge loan program and can be refinanced into lower rate loan when credit improves
  12. Foreign Nationals welcome!
  13. PRE APPROVAL LOI within 48 business hours
  14. Loans close in 4 wee
  15. No upfront fees

Please let me know if this is still an active need, you can email me a time to call you to get started

Thank You

Dwight Shook

Still interested in the loan

contact me :,


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