Need a cash out blanket loan so I can purchase more properties

Good morning. My name is Brian Martinez. I am looking for a cash out bridge loan on 8 single family homes and duplexes that I own in Utah and Colorado. Total property value should come in around $2.2 Million. I currently owe a combined $540,000 on these. I am looking to refinance these loans into one and add $500,000 cash out so that I may purchase more properties. My credit is not perfect, it is around 640 but income is solid. All 8 of these properties provide positive cash flow at this time and 3 of the 8 are even owned free and clear.

Who can help with these Utah and Colorado properties?

I would prefer that you message me here to cut down on spam in my work email.

Thank you,

Brian Martinez, Martinez Dream Investments

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Are you still interested in the loan for $530k for the off market property?

4% interest rate i can offer.

contact me so we can discuss the teams.


Anton Glotser


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